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Here is an idea how to replace some hotspots in the floor plan by objects. maybe useful, I hope. It should work in all archicad versions since 6.5 perhaps also in earlier versions

1) open the plan with the hotspots, reduze the size of the floor plan window, (not maximized view - so you can see empty area on the left side)
2) create a new gdl object, open the 2d-skript window and place it on the left side of the archicad main window
3) go back to the floor plan window. (you should now be able to see the skript window on the left side)
4) highlight the hotspots and drag them with pressed left mouse button to the 2d-skript window. now there should be some "hotspot2 x,y" in the skript.
5) highlight all in the 2d skript and copy it to clipboard. then place a hotspot2 0,0 at the beginning of the script.
6) past it in the 3d window
7) create a further object which will work as makro. this object should contain the 3d things you want to see instead of the hotspots. but the parameters a and b must be used to place it at the x,y position. (for example: add a,b,0 : sphere 0.05 ). save the file (mymacro.gsm).
8) in the menu there is a "find and replace" command: replace the "hotspot2" by "call mymacro"
9) that's it. save the object and place it at 0,0. of course you can optimize the 2d view (use another makro object, ...)

The problem with this solution is: it is only one object and it is not possible to change the position of the makro-parts in the plan. you can deconstruct the 2d view, but not the 3d.

have fun!