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By Mishi
I’ve been struggling with this problem for a week now on a Quad MacPro beast. Spending tremendous time on this problem I’ve figured out the solution but of course i suspect here some bugs.

So WHY LWS rendering doesn't work on these beasts?

First of all, it's very confusing for almost everyone, what we should use on the floor plan:
sun in photorendering settings dialog: Sun or Realistic Sun
combinations of this?
To use it in an improper combination it's almost "deadly" for the processors.

Second of all, you need the latest archiCAD 10 Library Update. I believe and feel GS fixed the LWS objects. What bothers me here, that it doesn't download it automatically with the 1010 update.

Third of all, Antialiasing should not be ever checked for best. If you do so, you end up having it on one core.

To made all Processors working,
-never use realistic sun. It will go in ultraslow mode and only 1 core is used. I have a feeling GS couldn't implement it properly for multi-core. Same result I had on a Quad AMD PC with every test I made.
-never use skyobject and sunobject from Lib. AC 9.
(Since all of our projects were done in 9 we never even thought at the begining, these 2 objects can cause problems in 10. Well it certainly did. So replace them with the new LWS objects)

Right combos:
-use only skyobject and sunobject on the floor plan (at this point make sure that in the photorendering dialog box the sun is not checked). Of course u gotta tweak what's your preference for shadow softness and everything in these 2 objects's settings.
-use only skyobject and the sun (known as AC sun) from the photorendering window
-set antialiasing less then best.

With this combination of setups it is almost 100% sure you will use all cores with full usage.

If you want to test it. Use just a simple wall, slab and some objects, and one of the above combo. You can also try the NO-NO.s

I leave the poll on, just in case and for curiosity.