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By Burginger
In setting up a model of a future project in Hisperia, CA - think desert east of LA.

If the site is for all intents and purposes FLAT, you can get away without add-ons such as ArchiTerra. Just use ArchiCAD and version 10's new complex profile tool. Draw a section of the road using fills, include the curb and sidewalk. Do it within the COMPLEX PROFILE tool and give the different fills a different material such as Paving - Curb and Sidewalk. Click, click and click your way around the supplied civil drawing. At intersections use a slab with just a curb and sidewalk profile on the border. Add invisible roof objects and the solid element operations for handicap ramps at intersections. Add lamps and you are good to go. This method is easy to update and change, with either a movement of the geometry or editing the complex profile.

The following two images show a birds eye and a close up.
An overview of the property.
An overview of the property.
SITE_OVERVIEW.jpg (49.14 KiB) Viewed 1500 times
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