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This is just a quick tip on capturing screen shots, given the recent questions on the subject.

It should be made aware that screen captures can be completed entirely within ArchiCAD. Instructions are for on a PC, but the same theory applies for a Mac:

1. Capture screen shot using the prtsc function, usually something like shift+prtsc for an entire screen or shift+alt+prtsc for the current window/dialog;

2. Paste (ctrl+v) into an ArchiCAD window (floor plan/detail, whatever);

3. Note it up however you like using ArchiCAD notation tools;

4. Create a new publishing set with the Publishing Properties set to Save;

5. Drag the viewpoint with the image into that Publisher Set and set the format to JPEG or PNG or whatever image type you like;

6. Hit Publish.

Then you can upload it here to AC-Talk. While you are limited to the amount of work you can do on the actual image, compared to an image editing program like Photoshop, it goes to show that you can use ArchiCAD for this purpose and you may learn something new along the way.