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I was at a User Group meeting yesterday at which Ken Good was showing how to use the "merge wall" command to create walls with real cavities. This gave me the following idea to get round a problem I had come across earlier in the week with a wall that needed more than eight skins.


In the example shown in the attached image are two metal stud walls which go to make up a party wall between Flats.

Select the two walls and use the "merge wall" command


This creates a Custom Complex Profile

From the Complex Profiles palette click the "Capture element's profile Button" and then click the "Store Profile" button. You can then use this Profile for other walls in your Project.

A couple of bonuses you get with this method is you get a wall with a real cavity and you can insert a door into the wall instead of having to insert a door in one wall with a matching "empty" door in the other wall which has to be omitted from the Door Schedule


A couple of things to bear in mind....

You can't use this on curved walls as Complex Profiles can only work on straight walls (it better be in AC11 or I will be a very grumpy bunny :evil: )

To edit the wall you will need to edit the Complex Profile.
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