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I'd like to share a problem and it's solution for all the user who use default shx libraries.
I have all the default shx files of AutoCAD in a folder. This is quite useful because once I showed to ArchiCAD where to find thees files it never asks me for them again if the shx file used by the import DWG file exists in that folder. This works fine until all the shx files are OK.
Problem: You are unable to merge or hotlink a dwg file and ArchiCAD crashes (dwg file import fails and mouse stops working but keyboard shortcuts work) but you are able to open the file while texts are missing. Solution: Try to move the shx folder to another location on your hard disk, so you can force ArchiCAD to ask for the shape files. Just select to skip them one by one so you can see which shape files are used in the dwg. If the DWG file loads correctly then the problem is with one of the used shx files.
Method of finding the corrupted shape file:
Move back the shx folder to its original location on your hard disk but move the used shx files to other location and put them back to the shx folder one by one. After each pasting relaunch ArchiCAD and try to merge/hotlink the DWG until the program crashes. Replace the corrupted shx file or delete it (so it will be replaced by the default fonts).