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By LaszloNagy
I am using Vista and sometimes I have to use ArchiCAD 9 on it, while ArchiCAD 9 is not supported under Vista, having been released much earlier.
I found that if I go to any other program, ArchiCAD 9 hangs and I have to force quit it.
However, recently I accidentally found the solution:
I go to any other application, select something and press CTRL+C to copy it to the Clipboard. ArchiCAD 9 miraculously comes back to life and continues to work fine. If it happens to hang again, I repeat the same fix and it is again in good working order.
Maybe it happens only on my machine, but let's hope this info is useful for others, too.
Karl Ottenstein wrote:Some of us experienced AC 9 hanging under XP related to the clipboard: ... hang#53246

(and earlier posts). Could this Vista thing be related? It sounds like you did not do a ctrl-C in AC, but merely switched to another app to get AC 9 to hang?

Yes, I switch to any other app, Windows Explorer, mail, browser, anything, and AC9 hangs. Then I do a CTRL+C in any app, and it unhangs.