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By NandoMogollon
Thanks Dwight,

And if it's a truncated cone with an ellipse on the top and a circle at the base? would it be possible to do it?

I've been trying with profiled walls, slanted walls, SEOs between round shaped roofs even meshes, but still can't do it right.

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By Dwight
Why didn't you say?
No problem:

The Two Meshes Solution is it.
No Complex Profile here.

Outer Mesh - to be the sweeping wall shape:

solid mesh - magic wand to circle.
Create inner ellipse with a uniform wall thickness band.
[Use wall tool to get uniform perimeter, then delete walls]
Cut mesh hole to inside ellipse.
Elevate mesh to height
MAgic wand contour at outer ellipse
Elevate mesh contour to match inner ellipse height.
Now you have a solid mesh with an elliptical hole in it.

Inner mesh to cut and hide:

Make a second mesh inside the first mesh.
SEO Subtract down.
mesh cone wall ellipse thingy.jpg
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By LaszloNagy
Very nice trick.