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By danivici
Hello everyone,

I need some help with modeling a funny shape side screening. I'm using Archicad 9. I'll try to attach some images so you can better understand what I'm after. If anyone could help, it would be very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

funny shape.jpg
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By Peter Clark
Hi Danivici,

Make two profiles, one of the cross section of the screen (profile 1), and one of the cross section of the curved shape (profile 2 - perpendicular to the screen). Use SEO to subtract one away from the other. Leave the carving shape in place but put it on a hidden layer.

I've used the complex profile tool (in AC10 and above), but you will have to use the profiler goodie as AC9 doesn't have this. There is probably a link on your 'Help' menu to the goodies if you don't have this installed already.

Hope that helps!