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I have created a few electrical symbols that allow the symbol to be rotated
and keep the script (height script in this case) to remain the same regardless of the rotation.

The attached screen shot shows 5 Duplex outlets each advancing 45 degrees. The symbols look correct as placed, but when scheduled
they appear to have a mind of their own (first five listings in schedule)

Is there a way to control the 2d symbol in the schedule?

thanks in advance

Duplex Outlet w Height Script.JPG
Duplex Outlet w Height Script.JPG (134.83 KiB) Viewed 5996 times
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By Barry Kelly
I hope you are still monitoring this.
I found a solution - this has been bugging me for ages as well.

In you object(s) at the beginging of the 2D script type the following.

if GLOB_CONTEXT = 6 then

This won't affect what you see in plan.
It just assures that when viewed in the schedule (GLOB_CONTEXT = 6) that the 2D symbol is not rotated.
So now it will appear correctly all the time regardles of how it is rotated in the plan.

By Dave Seabury

Works like a charm, thanks for taking the time to figure this out.

Much appreciated,