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By kliment
This vault is quite easy to build with standard AC tools!

If you spend some time to define the geometry in 2D it is usually possible to build what you want. We cannot expect to have a tool for every shape we conceive. There is not a vault tool in 3dsMax either, but nobody complaints! ;)

Complex profile is the right approach for it!
Vault.jpg (77.43 KiB) Viewed 5809 times
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By kliment
And seen from the bottom:
Vault 2.jpg
Vault 2.jpg (82.69 KiB) Viewed 5759 times
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By rob2218
wow....impressive sir.
you will have to share your secrets on how you did this...perhaps a step-by-step tut?
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By Emyl001
I think, this is possible with the Complex Profile tool. Define the geometry in 2D (the sinusoidal shape), then apply to a wall and draw a circle wall. If it's not represent correct in plan (to be seen from above), rotate in 3D and save as object.
Also could be drawing with the Profile add-on.
Is that correct?
My opinion.
If I want to apply to a roof, and place a skylight, is possible?
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By rob2218
Looking for a step-by-step here guys.....can anyone give us one?
By andro55
Maybe this can help you:
at point 5. Side View, Azimuth 90°
CP_Guastavino Vault.jpg
CP_Guastavino Vault.jpg (132.86 KiB) Viewed 6027 times
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By rob2218
Excellent step-by-step sir......Kudos to you!!
thank you.