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I have just created a 24 minute video on the Morph tool for my YouTube channel:


ArchiCAD Tutorial | Using Morphs for Facade and Trim

As you are probably well aware, morphs are a powerful and flexible modeling element. In this video I give a quick introduction to how to work with morphs, then show how they can be quickly adapted for use as a trimming tool (creating a sculptured top for a wall), surface trim as in Tudor-style houses, and moulded casings around doors and windows.

This video is an excerpt from my comprehensive ArchiCAD training resource, the Best Practices Course. For more info on the course, please visit

Last week we reached an amazing milestone: 1,000 course members! Later this week I'll be posting a special offer, sharing the Best Practices Course with ArchiCAD users in a way I've never done before. Stay tuned!

Eric Bobrow
When you are trying to snap to the guide lines in 3D but are having trouble locking to them then try turning the "surface snap" off.
This saves you having to rotate the model to a more suitable angle.
surface_snap.jpg (7.98 KiB) Viewed 14712 times
Barry -

Thank you for the tip about turning off Surface Snap. I had not been aware of this option and how it could be helpful in cases like this.

I didn't see it in the Standard Toolbar; as far as I can see it only appears (in my U.S. version of ArchiCAD) in the Options menu and in the Drafting toolbar. I was able to add a keyboard shortcut (I chose Control-S, which was unused on my Mac) and it works beautifully.

Did you create your own variation of a Toolbar that has the Surface Snap button as shown in your screen capture? Or is it standard on one of the Toolbars that I didn't see, or in another distribution of ArchiCAD?

Anyway, thanks for enlightening me (and others) about this little "trick"...

I have it in the "On-Screen View Options" toolbar.
But I have customised it to show this icon.
I see though that it is in the standard "Drafting Aids" toolbar.