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This I thought I share with you as it helped me a lot:

There are times when I want to select all Text blocks that contain a certain character or string.

1. I open Edit\Search & Replace Text...
2. For both the Find Text field and the Replace with field, I enter the save string (e.g. 'column' - see sscreenshot), so actually Searching and Replacing will not alter the content of any Text Blocks.
3. I usually set Current Story and Text blocks in the Filters Subdialog.
4. I click Replace All.
5. When it did it, I click Close.
6. I select Edit\Undo so all modified elements are returned to their previous state (which was the same) and they become selected.

I do the same on other stories/sections/elevations/details.

This is of course useful when you have many text blocks on your drawing and you would not be able to select each an every one by clicking on them one by one.