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Our IT have tracked the problem and reported it for our forum. This should be in PROBLEM/SOLUTION section or ArchiGuide.

Regards here it goes:

User experiencing problems selecting and setting preferences for printers within ArchiCAD v9
All printers were displayed as being available to the user, however when a printer was selected for use within ArchiCAD the dialog window would close and the selection would be ignored.

The printers are shared from a server which handled all the print jobs. When a user prints the job is spooled locally by the locally loaded print driver (which is checked against the server for the current version). The job is then handed off to the print server who controls the interaction between the job and the network printer.

1. Checked server for current printer driver - OK
2. Check current driver was being deployed to workstation - OK
3. The user was given admin rights to the workstation (and thus full rights to the local printer driver configuration - still experiencing problem
4. Added user to ArchiCAD security group and gave group full control of printer on the server - problem corrected

Note: This is the only program loaded on any networked workstation that requires this elevation of privileges to be able to print correctly. All other applications worked fine with the existing printer setup and permissions (which is also the recommended and default arrangement). This appears to be an issue peculiar to ArchiCAD.