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By Ignacio
You can now (err, probably since OS X) paste a picture into a Stickies note, find&replace text, keep URLs active. And of course, this being OS X, bring a single note to the front. You can make individual notes translucent, and/or make them stick to the front ('floating window') whatever the front application is.

All of this makes Stickies a very powerful tool when writing GDL. Paste a bit of code and edit it in one note, backup a script before messing it up in another one, take a partial screen shot of the parameter list in some object to check as you type in some other window, paste a picture or a link to a web page with info about the whatever you are scripting. You can have several notes open at the time distributed as necessary around your Library part window, 'window shade' them as required (a feature which was lost in typical application windows). It is very neat.

I so want to kiss my laptop screen every time I do this that I thought I'd share, especially since what I would consider surprisingly many Mac users don't use Stickies.