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By Scott R
I have been trying to learn how to use the calculate menu more, and one major problem I have been having is that AC9 crashes every time I try to open the "set up list scheme" command, I have completely uninstalled everything, and reinstalled to make sure it was not a preferences conflict or anything, it does work on a fresh install, but it does not seem to work with the new US library special edition, Any tips??
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By Tibor Szolnoki
Dear Scott,

The crash is caused by a corrupt listset file in the SE library. To fix this problem please do the following:
- Extracting the SE library from the PLA file.
- Replace the LISTSET.txt file with the attached one in the List Templates 9\Property Data 9\GEN_Property Data 9 folder

We are working on a corrected version of the SE library which will be available soon. This patch will fix this issue.

Thanks for your patience
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