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Hi all,

(Apologies if this went out with no header before)

Is it possible to setup WIBU on a Linux server machine and broadcast the signal to the Macs and PCs running ArchiCAD in the office??

Information is slightly thin on the ground relating to this, so if anyone has had any experince in this I would very much like to hear.. (obviously horror stories as well as good times!!)

Many thanks
Alan McDonnell
I have done this successfully several times and found it to be very easy to get up and running.
You just need to go to the WIBU website and grab the download for the Linux WIBU server.
Install that on your linux box, plug in your keyplug, and run the command 'WkSvLin'.
Thats it! If you have a firewall setup on it, you will need to open up port '22347' as well.

In addition to the cool easy installation, the server management is great as well!
On any computers in the network, fire up a web browser and go to 'http://(IP address or name of server):22347'
Here you can check the usage of licenses, kick users, and a bunch of other stuff which i have never used.

Yay for Linux!