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By Fmr
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By Fmr
The objets of CU Mirco are downloadable in his new site 3D Smile here 3D Smile.

In Italian, Accesible after free registration —email…—, AC7, AC8 and/or AC9 Format.

"Finestra Strutturale", Extra tetto", Albero Girevole", "Ogetto movibile", "Omuncolo", "Playwind" and "Traliccio"…

Hope that you enjoy it…
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By Fmr
I want to add a new one to the list, but it is a new one "in becoming".
The Free ArchiCAD-Talk Library. Thanks to Giza for the Idea and to Djordje for the acceptation.
The basis of this idea is great. A lot of stuff is done every day for solving ArchiCAD Talkers problems and are "lost" in the forum jungle. The "GDL gurus" need only to post their job in attachment in this topic.

James Murray had a better idea : to create a Dedicated forum for Free object where each object become a topic.

Please join the Thirty people who vote to this excellent idea and ArchiCAD-Talk will become —also…— another great area for free objects. :wink: