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They all show up for me. But, strangely, the AC versions/download is sorted descending... with 18 at the top... but the "Other downloads" is sorted ascending, with 18 at the bottom.
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Karl, Can you post this response in the thread started this morning by our colleague in Wales who is actually trying to use the course materials. It might be useful for him to try.

the settings in MyArchiCAD should be consistent with one's status as a prospective user, a user and an SSA holder. Seems like a natural portal for such "classes" of visitor. And maybe fewer portals for Graphisoft to have to maintain.
The behavior of has always been utterly nonsensical to me. It does NOT automatically show new versions. Somewhere on the screen (I cannot look since my login shows 18 ) - there should be a 'try 18', upgrade, or some such link that will make the site think you want to do a 30 day trial of 18. Once it presents you with your free 30 day license, all of the other material should show up.

There was a discussion here a while back of someone who was 2 versions in the past... and the only way to see the current version was to click for a trial of the prior version... which then presented a link to try the current version. I sure hope THAT has been fixed, but again, no way to check.

I totally agree. There is no linkage whatsoever between MyArchiCAD and one's customer ID / license / SSA etc. A single, simple portal for all customer interaction seems like such a no-brainer.
I contacted Graphisoft Technical Support. There is no link between them and their colleagues in Hungary who deal with They were not able to update My Products, for me.

They were able to send me a download of the folder of files for Volume 3, so my problem has now been solved.

when I get to volume 4, I'll try your suggestion Karl.

Thanks both for the help.
I don't understand why GS just don't list all possible available downloads rather than them picking and choosing what they think I want to see.
Especially in these days of Global teamwork where I might want the USA or INT version to be compatible with other users.
Or I may need an older version to be compatible with someone who hasn't updated yet.
Please just give us links to all version, training guides, add-ons, etc.

Thanks for making the training material easily accessible.

The software requirements state ...
Software Requirements

This training was made with the INT (English) version of ARCHICAD 19, therefore we recommend using the same version for practicing.
And then the link takes you to MyArchicad to download Archicad.
But will this allow all users to download the INT version rather than their localised version - or better still both?

When I log in with my AUS account I don't see INT version for anything - not even 19.

And I don't see the AUS version for 19 although I know it hasn't officially been released here yet.
But yesterday on another PC I logged in with my UK account and downloaded the UK version - switched my country to Australia and then downloaded the AUS version as well.

Why does it have to be so difficult to get the different localisations?

INT especially should be available to everyone.

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Barry Kelly wrote:Thanks for making the training material easily accessible.
Barry Kelly wrote: Why does it have to be so difficult to get the different localisations?

INT especially should be available to everyone.