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I'm a new AC user and a sole practitioner so I don't have experienced colleagues around to ask for help, and most of my professional network are autocad/revit users. While online resources such as this forum are useful, I would like to get a book with a well-referenced index as another source for answers. I recently purchased MacKenzie and Rendek's "AC19 The Definitive Guide": interesting but not as encyclopedic as I had hoped. Can anyone recommend a good go-to 'bible', even if for an earlier version? Many thanks!
Welcome to the AC world! I, too, came from 'book learning' and AC has helped me embrace Help menu in AC and online resources. I'd suggest giving it a try, sometimes seeing the program in action is better than reading about it.

Jared Banks does an excellent job, check out his videos to see some advanced stuff.

Eric Bobrow is also well know and has many videos on Youtube.

Check if there is a local ArchiCAD User Group in your area and attend.

Check out all the links on the Help menu in AC.
Not so useful for learning workflow and technique, but you also know that the reference manuals are all installed on your computer in PDF format?

In the ARCHICAD program folder, look in the Documentation folder. The Reference Guide is over 3600 pages long and has an index at the back and table of contents in the front....
ccharleslee wrote:Can anyone recommend a good go-to 'bible', even if for an earlier version? Many thanks!
I know the original poster asked for printed material, but I am curious, why we overlook excellent set of videos by Graphisoft themselves.

Far better than any printed material, in my opinion. It is comprehensive, covers all versions of ARCHICAD, always available, takes less physical space than a book, is much easier to carry (tablet anyone?) and is totally free....

One can read later after watching all the YouTube videos.

Here is the link to ARCHICAD YouTube Playlist