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I have split this post off from Eric's post as it has nothing to do with his training guides.

The Frank Lloyd Wright training guides was a long time ago - about version 10 if I recall?
You say you have downloaded an archive - of what?

As far as I can recall the files were included with the training guides.
But the training guides are not included in the Archicad program download.
However if you look in the HELP menu you may find a link to the training guides.

If the link still works and if you can even run such an old version of Archicad on today's machine and OS.

It looks like it was actually version 12 - still a long time ago.

Is this the one you are looking for - the Massaro House? ... IM&lang=en

I can download the file but can't install it on my current system.
I believe it does contain the PLA files for the tutorials.

I believe the PLA files are in the download that I linked to.
The problem is you will need an old operating system to extract it.
I can't do it on my current system but I know I have done it in the past as I have used those tutorials.