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Everything about using Libraries and Library Parts - Doors/Windows/Objects/Stairs etc. (Example: How can I display a Transom above my Door?)

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By Joachim Suehlo
I have to build some window fittings as GDL-Objects and some of them are a bit complex (like the added file) and I think programming them would last quite long.
So I think, maybe with one of the GDL-Addons like ArchiForma, ZoomGDL or GDL Toolbox could made these objects quite fast; they don't need to be parametric.
Has anyone experience which of these programms could solve my job.
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By Suranart
:roll: ""Umm!!..Zoom Gdl can do it.
You can study Zoom gdl about short time if you have 3D basic skill
or make it from onther 3D program and save it is DXF file. After that
you open it in Zomm gdl convert file to be GDL objects.

good luck :D
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Hi Joachim,

if you sent me (privately) the details data (I mean itz sizes!) I will build it for you using ArchiForma 2.0 then I will use this example as tutorial in our web site...

Thank You Suranart and Fabricio.
Fabricio, I can send You the exact dimensions in a few days, because I still have'nt them. Thanks for your kind offer.

...and here it is :D
I already sent you, privately, the GSM object.

best regards
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By rm

Will you marry me? Not sure what my wife will do with me if you say yes, but she does not know how to use ArchiForma either, so......? ;)))


ArchiForma looks great, I wish you could code the demo to let one do more than ten steps before the software requires a password or restart of the machine. Having a hard time learning what MY ability is with the really looks great. I can't believe the hardware sample you just made.......looks great!

Architects Design Forum, Ltd.

Robert Mariani
Dear Robert,

unfortunately my current “sweet hearth” works in the Cigraph ArchiCAD Support Team so, quite often she browses this Forum too (following with an higher interest my post) so I cannot accept your wedding proposal… Maybe we can privately talk about it or personally next time I will be in the USA!
Ok, coming back to job, unfortunately this last object is “protected” by the manufactory so… no tutorial!
But, don’t worry, next week I will update the most of our plug-in web sites and you will find more info/tutorial (at least more that the current ones!).
The Tutorial idea sounds good for me and, I suppose, for the Archi-Plug-ins user too.
If anybody would like to send me some examples in order to get the object and to make possible a tutorial creation he will be welcome.

That’s all Robert, thank you for your kind words and, of course, for the wedding proposal!

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By Dave Jochum
Fabrizio Diodati wrote:...unfortunately this last object is “protected” by the manufactory so… no tutorial!
Very well done, Frabrizio--shows some of the power of AF nicely. I do not understand the thinking of companies that won't allow their products to be rendered. Good grief! :roll:
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By Joachim Suehlo
Hello Fabricio,
thank You for constructing the "reiber" object with ArchiForma.
I am impressed about how fast and accurate you did that.
I will buy ArchForma from my dealer.

To the protection:
I asked the manufacturer explicite, if he allows to use the object for your tutorial. He agrees to do that if his name and the fact that this part is protected will me mentioned there.
I hope this helps.
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Dear friends,

I just updated the archiforma web site ( ) where I also uploaded some tutorials (thanks Dave!).
In the next days (I have to find out some time!) I will also upload the tutorial regarding the "reiber" object.

Thank you very much