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By Matthew Lohden
It's only a cosmetic issue as far as I can tell, but the images at the top of the forum window turn into question mark icons when I roll over them (I am referring to the main Graphisoft bar with the navigational menus). The images come back every time the window is refreshed and then disappear when I roll over them again.

I am using the Safari 1.2 (v125) on my Mac.

Add'l note: The menu pics work fine on the rest of the GS website. It's just in ArchiCAD-Talk that they have problems.
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By Matthew Lohden
I am having another annoying problem which may be related to the one in my previous post. I am frequently getting an error message when I click on a link saying "Safari can't open the page." I have attached the dialog. Generally it works fine once I click the link a second time, but occasionally I have to do it three times before it works.
can't open page.jpg
can't open page.jpg (7.48 KiB) Viewed 3705 times
By GSHQfadmin
The first issue corrected!

In the second case, I think the original message deleted by the author or the moderator. This is why the system can't find it.