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Modelling and drafting in ARCHICAD. (Example: How can I model a Roof soffit/fascia?)

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I posted this terrain model tip link collection in another thread, then I realised this should perhaps be a post of it's own. I think most links have been posted previously in this forum but not collected toghether.

These links are all related to the creation and manipulation of site and terrain model s:
- import and simplifying of DWG contour maps
- creating solid site models with the mesh tool from the contours
- handling local levels vs. actual sea level
- modeling of excavations, foundtions, roads, paths etc using SEOs and other methods

I'd appreciate if others fill in with more links before the moderators lock the thread into the tip section!

These tips might be helpful:

- Archicad WIKI: Handle huge surveyors' drawings
- Modeling Terrain with Archicad (pdf)
- Archicad East: Sidewalks, Roads and Paths on Uneven Terrain Using Mesh Hacks!
- Tip from Archicad-talk: Modeling Roads on a 3D site
- AECBytes: Solid Element Operations in Archicad 10
- Archicad East:Accurate Sea Level - or - benchmark relative dimensions in sections, elevations, meshes, height maps and complex drainage surfaces!
- Model roads with complex profiled walls

Edited May 2008:
Dwight's Simplified Terrain Model Using Adaptive Grid tip:
Here and here

Edited April 2009:
If you didn't create your terrain mesh from contour lines, perhaps you would like to add them afterwards. In this thread David Maudlin describes an interesting method, and Roberto Corona describes a GDL object to help.
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I've used the mesh and SEO to create great site plans in the past, but for some reason the one i've been working on lately has been causing me lots of trouble. When I intersect/subtract my roads from the mesh and try to view in 3d the whole program freezes (i'm using archicad 11). My computer exceeds the requirements for archicad, and i've tried the file on other computers but get the same results.

I'm thinking it might be one of the following problems, but could use some advice:

1) my mesh is too big (its 2.14 sq miles) -or- i have my mesh settings wrong
2) my network of roads is too big. there are lots of curving roads and parking lots, and rather than use a bunch of seperate slabs, i only used one.

other than the mesh and the slab, nothing else is in the model. any ideas?

I don't think the physical size matters, but the number of polygons might of course. I don't know the limits, but there is a Polygon Counting Tool Add-On that you can download (Help>Goodies) and use to check. A search in this forum might help you compare sizes..

With complicated sites i think it's important to simplify the model as much as possible. The tip from the Archicad wiki is very useful, even if old. Contours from DWGs often carry much more detail than is useful in your project.

If no other option is usable, it might help to divide a big site in smaller chunks (Split tool) and hide those you don't need at the moment on hidden layers.

But the problem you describe might also come from some corrupt object and not the mesh at all. Check by turning object layers off.
Please add your version of AC and Operating system to your Profile.

In AC14 you can import an XYZ file which will create your topo in seconds.
Erika Epstein wrote:Hagith,
Please add your version of AC and Operating system to your Profile.

In AC14 you can import an XYZ file which will create your topo in seconds.
Hi Erika,
Thanks, but actually, I'm new to AC,(13) just struggling to learn the program,seeking any help possible ( Since in Israel there is no organized schooling I am interested in finding a webinar for beginners) .Only then will I consider upgrading to AC 14
All the more important to include your AC version and OS in your signature.
There are number of videos on the Graphisoft site as well as on youtube.