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By Petros Ioannou
Just something I noticed today: while the No of register users in ArchiCAD-talk was over 980 and moving towards a thousand , it went down to 945.
What happened?
By Olivier Dentan
I noticed that twice.
When my counter was to 914, the next day it went down to 870.
The counter is crazy?
Just curious about this strange behaviour.
By Olivier Dentan
Excellent idea, and the new register N° 1000, should win a mug,
offered by Graphisoft.
Come on, guys, it's time to suscribe.
By GSHQfadmin
Dear User,

I am the guilty person. There are several users who have not received the authorization letter from the system due to spam guarding software utilised at the users' ISP or mailbox provider. I regularly delete the inactive users from the system. Why? The system doesn't allow the reuse of the registered email address. Consequently the user who didn't get the authorization letter can't register with an other user name.