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By laylool
my callouts and random text on my drawings have suddenly become uneditable :/ suggestions?
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By TomWaltz
Is the layer they are on locked?
Is it a Teamwork project and they are not in your workspace?
Are they part of a group?
Are they only visible as a trace reference?

You don't give us much to go on (not even a detailed description of what you did and how Archicad is responding), but these would be my first things to check.
By laylool
no to all of those questions.

i am doing a 2d drawing on archicad's plan view. i typed text on the plan and i also did a few callouts. now, i want to go back and edit the text, and it is not giving me the option to edit. the green box will not open via double click.

i would give you more info if i understood what was going on. unfortunately, i don't. i am in the early phases of understanding this software.
By Bier Designs
Switch to the text tool "A"
Then hold the shift key down to better select.
Then click inside.
Its should edit ok then.
Then you need to click outside text box to deselect.
Silly text tool!
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By Dwight

ALWAYS "Select All" text boxes at once, never one at a time....

Then you can freely move around the different text boxes to edit them.

To begin editing, click in a text box,

when done, to exit THAT BOX ONLY, press Command-Return.

All text boxes stay selected and editable.