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By Abelito
I need help. I want to do a curtain wall of the type UGLASS, but i dont know how to do it in ARCHICAD. Please
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By Karl Ottenstein
Unless you tell us which uglass curtainwall, and if you are running ArchiCAD 12 with the curtainwall tool, or an earlier version, none of us will have a clue as to what you want or how to help you.

By Abelito
Hello Karl, I have the archicad 12 installed. I want to do a curtain wall composed by double layer of low iron UGLASS profile units (nominal 60 mm) an aluminium frame system.
By Abelito
Karl, I refer to glass pieces with form of channel, as the frontage of steven's hall atkins museum . A translucent U-shaped cast glass produced in several widths ranging from 9" - 19" and lengths to 23 feet.
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By rocorona
As I've just replied on ArchiRADAR, you can achieve this creating a new CW panel.

- Create a new Complex Profile, shaped as a reversed "U";
- Place a BEAM with that complex profile on the floor plan, along the Y axis (if you want the glass to be vertical, as normal);
- Select the Beam, and go to File>Library and objects>Save custom component... Save it as Custom CW Panel.

Then set up your CurtainWall.
- Give to the grid the dimension of the glass element. You can set a simple 1x1 grid;
- For the panels, choose the Custom Panel CW 12. In the parameter list, at "Panel name", select the object you create;
- Make the mullions/transoms "Invisible".
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By rocorona
Here is a simple example.
Uglass complex-profile and CW panel