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By Valery W
Recently I saw a number of suggestions that can be solved by one common method. This method is similar to the status codes in the GDL. I asked myself the question: "If this is possible in the GDL, then why do not function in non-library elements? It is very helpful!"
Let me remind you that the status codes in the GDL can control visibility of edges broken line.

My suggestion. Give users the ability to manage the visibility of edges in the following elements:
- Fill
- Slab
- Roof
- 3D-grid

The following shows how this might look like.

Here's wishing Topics that can be done using this method. Perhaps there is Topics, which I can not find now. ... hp?t=13484 ... hp?t=27201

To prove the need for management visibility of the edges, you can leave here examples of where you are in need.
Visibility edges.png
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By Peter Clark
That's an excellent idea, Valery!

I like tools with similar functions to be consistent in their usage. The complex profile tool already has the feature of being able to adjust both the pen and linetype for each edge (as well as the material), so it would be natural to have the same sort of interface to adjust any polygonal based object.

This should really be extended to polylines also. It would be great to keep a polyline as one object, but have the ability to set different pens and linetypes per edge. (Or even hide an edge completely, but still keep it connected.)

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By Erich
This is an excellent idea that would eliminate the need for almost all the masking lines/fills, etc. used today. This would be a great improvement!
By B Riemer
I agree that edge visability control is very important, We need to beable to control the edge visablity in plan of roofs and slabs so that we can change asseblies fot he floor or roof construction but still use the object to genereate the final plans, rather than having to turn of the 3D elements and use 2D plan drawfting to get the correct plan image. Isn't the purpose of BIM to only have to draw/create one element and have it represent correctly in all the different documentation views?