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Any 2D tool what you need for drafting.

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By Peter Clark
kliment wrote:It's there since AC14, in the Express Tools menu.
The LT version doesn't seem to have an 'Express tools' menu. :(
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By kliment
I am not familiar with LT, but in all versions you have to install it separately. In the older versions you had to do it manually, in 2006 it is a check box in the installation dialog.

I cannot imagine working without Express menu - it will make work two or three times slower! For example one of its features is the equivalent of AC's Quick layers. For me it's a nightmare to work in Autocad without Quick-layer-control.
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By Bard
kliment wrote:I have wished it twice, but it seems nobody cares about it.
So stick to Corel ar Autocad
I guess we just need to use Corel or AutoCAD until AC gets this option.