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By kliment
I beg your pardon! It seems I lost my temper!
Anyway, it's the way AC rendering affects me! :)
I hoped the sun object could be tweaked in GDL. I have done it with a spotlight before but couldn't find it in the sun's script!
By Chris Grantham
Dwight when did "sun object" become obsolete as a sun? Did I miss something? Should I be embarrassed asking this question? :oops:
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By Dwight
You should not be embarrassed. Graphisoft should be embarrassed since they have done a deplorable job at keeping users informed of evolutions in LightWorks rendering. Both Archicad 10 and 11 had important changes. Not that it matters.

Lucky for the few thousand buyers of my book that I have kept you all up-to-date. [IF you bothered to register like the instruction on page 3 asks.]

Sometime after Archicad 9, we got the "Realistic Sun" Sun 'Shader.'

This produces a ray-traced sun. It IS discussed in the updates to my book that registered owners download. I have even posted them on the forum for all to access.

Users often experience grainy effects with this shader because their sampling is too low. The realistic sun is also difficult to manage because it requires much higher sampling for larger rendering exponentially extending render time.

The Sun Object is a cheap and nasty trick of creating numerous light sources in the sky displaced from a center point, creating a graduated penumbra. If you look closely at an Archicad 9 Sun Object shadow, you'll see hard shadow strips that accumulate to produce a shadow that appears soft if you back away far enough. AND specular sun reflections show many suns, so you think you are on a planet in another galaxy. Make up an alien name for yourself.

I am not sure why we got this hack solution to emulate soft shadows, but I suspect that Graphisoft programmers [and he knows who he is] thought they could solve the sunlight issue in a rainy weekend but it was sunny all that summer in Budapest and the GDL code probably couldn't support it at that time, not knowing for sure, if you know what i mean, eh?

All-In-All, Graphisoft's implementation of LightWork Design's fine rendering engine has been one of my life's biggest disappointments. I first saw the product at Siggraph in 2003. Oooo, baby!!

When Graphisoft announced that they had licensed all of the LightWorks features, I experienced a moment of spontaneous, defecatory joy. When we finally saw the level of implementation that Graphisoft achieved, I could only conclude that it was another marketing move intended to flummox the rubes.

You know what i mean. The salesman points to a feature, but it is a shell of a feature. A lie: "Sony guts" being just one of them. Rubes, all of us!!!

And they have had five years to fix it! Obviously not a priority when users can't produce a coordinated set of construction documents or import DWG transparently. And now we have Artlantis: fast, superior and easy. Too bad that it is not included. At least we deserve a discount coupon to make up.

Go here to see what LightWorks can do:
lightworks web site

EOR [End Of Rant]