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By Erika Epstein
As someone at Graphisoft Budapest recently pointed out to me, first pick which CATEGORY autotext refers to, and then pick what AUTOTEXT ITEM(S) of the the selected reference you want.

First you alt/opt+click on the drawing in question.

By default the selected reference is the LAYOUT so if you pick Drawing Name, it will list the names of all the drawings on the Layout.

Instead browse the available references by clicking on the arrow (see screenshot). You will find available the drawing you alt/opt+clicked on available as reference.

Select this and then chose Name and now the autotext will only show the Name of this drawing..
Autotext ref 1.jpg
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By Erika Epstein
Categories of autotext. Note that the Proposed South Elevation which I had alt/opt+clicked on is listed as a reference category.
Autotext ref 2.jpg
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By _Salmon
Done! :D

Thanks for your fast reply.

And congratulations for this kindly forum. I hope to help with my short experience. And sorry for my english.. :oops: