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We have a very short window in time and space, and now we have more than enough ammunition to take down goliath. If you think about it...David brought down the giant with technology. It wasn't because he was necessarily smaller than the giant, but more inventive, better long reaching technology, an eye for understanding the means and methods for getting the job done in his current market. That is what Graphisoft has gave us yesterday, though it might not be in our hot little hands. We the Archicad Marines need to start making some frakin' noise out their.

This is the point at which we can sit in our cubicles and say, umm I'm not really sure if it is what I think it is...when it is more than you could have ever dream of.

Ironically enough Autodesk yesterday started to buckle, as well as said that they would be offering inventor as a free download, "no kidding."

Come on guys there should be at least a blog each from all you loyalist who have been here since the beginning. This is our house now go out and take the gorilla by the balls to take him out.

Even with AC12 and AC11 we were still way ahead of the curve and have always been, now let's start sending info to WIRED.COM, ENGADET.COM , USA TODAY, CNN, ETC. Graphisoft has put a lot into this release. Testing it throughly, making sure it works with Snow Leopard (which is why they delayed the release until yesterday, considering Snow Leopard was on Friday so that gives GS 30+ days to get it ready for the MAC kids out there.)

The Graphisoft Team has not only change the rules about what can be done in a yearly release cycle, they have change what will the future be for us.

Graphisoft's "biggest not-so-secret weapon is its staff of developers [who] focus enormous talent on a niche, which Westerners can't match."
Jonathan B. Levine, Business Week, USA

"It's passion, and a good deal of business sense, that helped turn Graphisoft into a global player."
The Wall Street Journal

We are a team based all over the world and need to act like one more now then ever.

This has happened a few times before
1. The cpu and drafting in a machine
2. Going 3d
3. Going Parametric + GDL
4. Going BIM
5. Going in with the DELTA SERVER

If you can imagine what this could mean even outside this industry it is far reaching.

Get out there and make some noise.

Please don't hesitate. We need to start scaring the investors of AUTODESK today and now we have our $5k keys ringing in their ears.

We have ECO designer, we have VBE, we have MEP, our company, our team has brought us the weapons within this year that dominates all other products out there.

Pull your fingers out of your ears and start emailing, witting blogs, witting your congressmen, telling your friends, telling your enemies that we are coming for them one seat at a time.
I really hate to burst your bubble... but really---!

TW2 sounds like something Revit could truly use: the idea of heavy BIM data being able to be reconciled (and managed, and protected) by a server app that safeguards the data. Revit's programmers have also considered the benefits of such a move, but it hasn't happened yet.

The problem ArchiCAD's expansion has is that switching is hard. People stay aligned in their software company's lineup. AutoCAD users are likely to roll into Revit rather than ArchiCAD, even if its networking is more reliable than what you have in 2010.

I do hope AC13's features make it a stronger alternative to the Autodesk monopoly, but if you think AC13 is going to being Autodesk to its knees, you might need a rabies shot :-P

Regardless -- AC13 looks like a very strong release that addresses many of the weaknesses of BIM data management. And I haven't even looked at the rest of the new features! Just hope they never force a Ribbon on your interface in a future release :P

Happy release day, y'all!
Hi Wes
Yes it's a good day for us.
But it's gonna be like the mac/pc thing, one day your up and one day your down.
And around and around we go. (Kinda like the wheels on the bus..)
Your right.
It takea a lot of force to move a heavy solid in place rock.
By the way you wrote:"a Ribbon on your interface"
Excuse my ignorance, but what is that about?
Just remember that Autodesk still has a firm grip on the engineering side of things (along with Bentley). ArchiCAD's presence in that sector is almost non-existent.

Engineering is where the money and power really is and for that reason Autodesk is never going to be taken down by developments in an Architecture-specific product like ArchiCAD.

Besides .. competition is good. If Autodesk wasn't there do you really think ArchiCAD would be better for it?
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