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im working on a 50+ page autocad file in AC12 and when i open it up all the details are on separate layout pages in AC... due to the colours etc. of the auto cad file i wanna change the background of the layout pages to black so i can work on these details without just changing all the lines to black and reselecting line wights etc..

is it doable?? i can only work out how to change the project maps background to black. i dont want to edit the line colours wights etc.. just the background colour. so it can be re opened in autocad with no dramatic changes

Gene 8)
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By owen
Unfortunately not .. you cannot change the Background in the Layout environment. I guess GS never thought anyone would want to, but it would be consistent if you could as you can in the Model environment.

You could try putting a big, black fill over the Master you are using for these drawings and set Masters to show using their own colors under AC Prefs?
just tried it.. worked perfect except all the black pens are now hidden in the black fill.. instead of them being white.. :(
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By owen
if you are working on the drawings aren't you doing this in the Model environment anyway? So you can set whatever Pen Set you want for visibility here (with a black background) and then you export the DWG's from the Layouts using their original Pen Set

i typically don't edit DWGs for use back in Autocad so I might be missing something obvious
when opening t in AC12 all the drawings are on seperate layout pages.. id have to move them to project maps one at a time (well over 50 of them)