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We have an Oce TCS500 wide format Postscript printer which we needed to get working with Snow Leopard. Here is what we did for future reference. The technique will probably work with any Postscript Printer using OSX10.4 PPDs.

In this instance the Mac was running OSX 10.6.1, and the Oce system was updated with all the firmware/ software to that current at Sept 09. Language: English.

Step 1. In your favourite web browser type in the IP address of the Oce print controller, in my case “”. You will be asked to accept a certificate – hit “Accept” and you will get the “Oce Print Exec Workgroup” page. Click on the “Printer” tab if not showing by default. On the left is a box titled general information. Write down the “Name” exactly as it is shown, in my case “tcs500-2288”.

Step 2. On the Snow Leopard Mac, go to the Oce site local to you and download the OSX driver, in my case the resulting downloaded file was “Oce_ps3_114_macOS_X.hqx” (English). The subsequent expanded folder was called “MacOS_X”. Open this folder and navigate to -> English -> StandardFonts -> octc5005.ppd. This file needs to be placed in Library -> Printers -> and into a new folder called “Oce” for ease of reference.

With these two steps done, open Snow Leopard “Preference Panes” and click on “Print & Fax”. Under the printers panel, hit the + button. Click on the IP icon on the top part of the window, and enter the following details:

Protocol: Line Printer Daemon – LPD

Address: The IP address of the Oce print controller, in my case “”

Queue: Enter the name obtained in step 1 exactly as it was shown. Any variation and you will need to restart the Oce print controller after the first print job stuffs it up ! In my case “tcs500-2288”

Name: Not critical

Location: Not critical

Print using: Use the drop down menu to select “Other”. Navigate to the file “octc5005.ppd” placed in step 2 and hit “Open”. The Print Using box will show “Oce TCS500PS”.

Click on “Add”. A drop down pane will show the available options, we have 2 rolls in our case. Make your selection and hit continue.

Try a test print. The Special printer features will be available for selection in the Print dialogue box under the “Copies and Pages” drop down menu – select “Printer features”. Choose the media type and quality.

Hope this helps someone else.