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By YoungRep
Hi,this would be my first comment on the forum and should admit i am rather excited to be a part of the family.My question is rather simple and perhaps it has been posed at some period or other.

I'm highly interested to know whether one could have a single (layout) drawing with multiple colour fills and colour line types.
For instance could one print a black+white floor plan with colour markups/zones/linetypes highlighted on the same plan.

Is there a way of switching layers or individual pens to either exhibit their true colour properties or read as black when sending to print as in ACAD.

Please let me know if the question is clearly understood?
Would appreciate anyones help with this.
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By ejrolon
Yes it can be done. Read in the help files about Pen & Colors settings in Model Views and in Layout. Also look up Drawing settings. Basically you can have copies of the same drawing in layout to with different pen settings for different purposes. For example in drawing A you would have a Pen set were Pen #01 is Red in another copy (dwg A01) the Pen #01 is Green

If you want to send all pens to Autocad in Black (wonder why since Acad uses colors to differentiate layers) you can control it with your Publisher settings.