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Producing imagery with ARCHICAD or 3rd party products; Surfaces; Lighting; Cameras; Artlantis/Cinema 4D/Maxwell etc.

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mallehk wrote:Which media pack with shaders for artlantis, contains the best metal finishes?

I wonder if you are looking at a different site than me, as I don't see any choice for metal shaders - I think there is only one shader pack that includes metals here: ... dm=shaders

and that is the (Dosch) Contruction Materials library.

I'm not particularly impressed with the metals in this library. Not many of them and most not related to anything I would ever use and/or not very well done.

I've been fascinated that the Shaders forum of the Artlantis forums have never had much if any discussion over the merits of these various shader libraries to help people make a buying decision. It seems most users look for free textures and roll their own shaders.

Given the huge variety of metal surfaces ... I wonder if you, too, might be happier searching through various free and for-purchase texture libraries (such as Arroway, etc) and create your own shader - Artlantis lets you create custom shaders with bump maps, normal maps, etc. Dwight's Artlantis book has nice tricks for using alpha images for non-uniform surface appearances.

Hello Karl

Thanks for your advice.

I was looking for a nice red paint for a car.

Is it possible for example, to use a bronze metal finish in artlantis and then transform it to red paint.?
Yes. But, you might want to go to the artlantis forums where there was a recent discussion on getting car paint to look good...