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By Erika Epstein
Have you tried to reattach the xrefs and choose the option to 'Remove Xref's Attributes'? This has been discussed a few times, most recently here.
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Yes, I've seen that post. But wouldn't those layers be grouped with the xref layers (you know, under the line)? These are grouped w/ my layers. Would that work for that type? The strange thing is that they purge just fine, but then come back.
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Yes, I thought this was the problem all along, and had been putting off cleaning them up until I had access to all files. This is when I realized that there was a stranger problem. Still can't figure it out.
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By Daniel Hruby
My first thought is that you have the layers in one of those linked files and they get added when you update the hotlink. If memory servers me correctly, modules will only bring the layers (attributes) that are actually used where as a linked PLN will bring ALL layers (attributes) in that file.
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I know, strange thing is that I've tried deleting all hotlinks, purge successfully, close, save, reopen, and they reappear!?
By Brandt
I've also had this very annoying rogue layer creation happen when x-ref'ing consultant dwgs. these are layers created above the x-ref line. From what I can tell, they seem to be associated with consultant's Autocad linetypes. If I knew more about Autocad-maybe this would make sense. Civil engineers especially seem to use dozens of linetypes, one for every type of element, even if lines are visually identical. Layers seem to be created for each one. can't figure out hat to do about this. If it means converting every linetype in the translator--not worth the effort