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Sharing a project for a team, accessing projects remotely. Setup of BIMcloud/Users/Roles, Working/Messaging in Teamwork (Example: What are the firewall settings for the BIMcloud to make it accessible over the Internet?)

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By Daniel Hruby
There needs to be a more obvious warning that elements are being requested from other users. The little Post-it note can disappear in seconds and the notified user may not even be looking at the screen to see it. More often than not, people are needing to walk over and tell the co worker that they have requested something. It can be more problematic when working remotely.

Can we ask for an audible alert sound and a more permanent warning message that requires user action immediately?
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By Karl Ottenstein
I haven't messed with this for a month or more, but I thought that messages marked 'high priority' stayed on the screen until the user dismissed them ... and that requesting elements was considered 'high priority'...?

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By David Larrew
Karl is correct, messages marked as high priority will remain on-screen. But I haven't noticed that requesting elements are automatically set to high priority. It would be nice if you could set the priority once and it remains until you change it. It would also be nice if it defaulted to high priority.
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By Daniel Hruby
I didn't catch that. Thanks for pointing it out. TW2 assumes it has the users full attention. Sometimes you are not "in" ArchiCAD but in another program and you'll have no idea someone might be trying to get something reserved from you. It might be nice to have a "kicking and screaming" mode. Maybe if the ArchiCAD icon would just bounce in the dock to let you know someone is trying to reach you.
By alemanda
...I know that the Archicad Sounds are very bad but a sound joined to all the TW messages/requests (better only the requests) would be great!
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By Daniel Hruby
Another idea..... repeatedly double clicking on any red "Reserved" bubble will ping the person who owns it with a sound. That way you can hit it a few times to get the other persons attention.

It's just annoying enough that it might work great!
By Catalin Cicioiu
As i see in AC Help "You can communicate with users who are not online at the moment: they will receive their messages the next time they are online."

It's there any setting to send a message to an offline user? like ask for review?

I have 3 users setup (2 offline) and in the TO: tab it's only me (online).

In the project settings all users are in.

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By LaszloNagy
When you say Online, do you mean Joined to the Project?
Are those Users joined to the Project?
If they are joined you should be able to send them messages because they appear in the Users panel of the Teamwork Palette. You can right click any User and use the Send Message command from the context menu.
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By Steven Dumont
The little "box" that pops up when you request something is usually located down in the corner of the screen somewhere. I hate requesting something from a coworker and having them not see it. So, I send them a message, and when it pops up on their screen, I click and drag it to the middle of their screen. Also, when I request something I always put a high priority on it. This way, it pops up in the middle of their screen and stays there until they close it. Works pretty well.