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By skawagon
Even in my little country, big corporations like Xella Ytong, Winerberger, Heluz, (biggest brick companies in central Europe) and more, who make bricks, have it's own Libraries for Archicad. And really nobody using that thing. In this Libraries is, in each one 20 types of bricks.
Much nicer (and cheaper for companies) will be creating fills with some parameters like: Price, weight, U-vaule, bearing capacity and more. This data will be stored on net (some think like Apple AppStore) and easy changed and updated any time.
Graphisoft's job is: make web storage with direct connection to Archicad and of course make new sanwitch manager.

Benefits for Architects/Designers/Engeneers:
Easly and faster work, actual data, exact material, easy price calculation, eco designer and carbon footprint calculations and many more.

Benefits for building industry:
Cheap and usefull cad data, feedback, efectivity sale support ans more

Benefits for Graphisoft: Anyone can imagine how can graphisoft use profit on this...

Ps: My English is pretty bad, don't eat me for this.
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By Matthew Lohden
Do you mean something a bit more like the Google warehouse, the Apple app store, or some cross between the two?

I agree that it would be nice to have a central location for finding all the bits that are aout there. I suppose that something like the app store which would allow people to charge a fee for the parts would attract a more comprehensive collection.
By skawagon
@ Matthew Lohden Yes. The idea is some think like marketplace/warehouse/appstore. On this repository, companies will keeping their technical data about products actual. User on the other side, can any time connect this repository and get actual information for his work.
Maybe be better some example:
You creating energy passive house in AC. You want use Eco Designer. Today you must put in table U - Value of any material you want to use. That means visit web sites each one producent, search for informations.
On my way: You easy connect to repository, select category (like thermal insulation) in this category download fills from manufacturer where you like.
Any of this fill be contains some predefined gdl values.
Now you get back, open sandwich manager, chose material you want use in our design. All informations are already set up, you can also confront with material bring best value...

This "fills" will be just a part of bigger web site on witch (maybe using gdl object adapter) will be stored Archicad models and objects. All of this objects will have predefined relevant informations.