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By Braza
Hi Folks,
After five months of intermittent work finally ArchiCAD Warehouse is launched! :)

The ArchiCAD Warehouse initiative is intended to be a platform to centralize, promote and supervise the quality of free BIM content for the ArchiCAD community.
New partners are welcome to contribute with their GDL skills to turn ArchiCAD Warehouse in to a reference in the BIM culture.

Our first content is called ArchiCURB and its user interface will be the standard in all future content. I hope you all enjoy it! :)


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By Srinivas
Great Initiative Paulo. I truly hope this Warehouse to grow as big as sketchup's warehouse.
By Braza
Thanks Srinivas. :)
Srinivas wrote:...I truly hope this Warehouse to grow as big as sketchup's warehouse.
That's the spirit! :D
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By Erika Epstein
Congratulations Paulo, this is very exciting!
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By Erich

Great site. I hope the venture works out well. The Archicurb object looks interesting.
By Braza
Thanks folks,

This year I decided to be more proactive and spend some time for our community. :)
With this blogger platform we will be able to better communicate with AC users. The RSS Feed will notify user of new updated versions of our content. You'll just have to install a simple Feed reader like FeedReader.
We also will be able to post videos and tutorials of our content. Our content user interface will also have a "Check for updates button" which will insure that you are using the latest version of that content.
The star rating system will give us the basic feedback of our content. You will never see any abandoned content here. Just free content with quality. ;)
Right now I'm developing new sample contents of market products. The idea is to "sell" the community feedback on this sample content to manufacturers and then they will more confident in sponsoring a full catalog of their products.
New partners are welcome. We all can work on our local markets and promote the best of our industry.
I know similar initiatives have failed. But this time I'm using this "See first - Then you pay" approach with manufacturers/sponsors. ;)
I'm pretty sure it will have good results... at least here in Portugal.
Let's see. ;)



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By kliment
Wish you luck with the new site, Paulo! Archicurb is a great tool and a really good start!
By NeckoFromSarajevo
Good Job man . . . i will try to contribute in any way !
By Braza
Thank you guys. :)

Not bad for an one man show with the help of a hand full of great friends, huh? ;)

Right now I'm working on some portuguese manufacturers libraries which I plan to post some samples in the near future. According to the community feedback I'll make a proposal to the manufacturers for full sponsoring.

@Necko: Thank you for your offer! Every help is much appreciated... specially coming from someone with your level of expertise. :)


By ila2
Hi Paulo,

i congratulate to You for the ArchiCAD Warehouse. It's a good idea, i hope it will works fine and successfully.

I've put it to the

Best Regards,