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1. Imagine, that you have a hatch region with a border line, but you don't need a border on the bottom side of it. You just click on this segment with a right mouse button, and select "No borderLine on this segment"

2. Assume, that you have another Hatch with the border,
and you have to make it 2mm width. What you usually have to do is
to adjust some Pen, to needed width, and then use it as a
color of a hatch border. Imagine, that you could simply
set width of a Polygon,Line,Hatch_border in its settings.

3. Another cool improvement is the
Autocadlike "Different weight Polyline segments" settings

4. And in conclusion - Great Improvement: different colors for different polyline segments.
[ Valery, Kogda odna mysl prihodit k raznym lyudiam odnovremenno znachit,
ona pravilnaya. ]

When the thought is coming to a several people simultaneously that means, that
it is correct.