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It would be great to be able to have shadow casted onto elevation of object taking into account object behind the section line. Council's here require shadow diagrams showing elevation of adjoining property and shadow casted by our proposal onto it.
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By Rob
a little workaround here (not always applicable though):
map adjoining property with glass material and turn Transparency in Shading ON in 3D window settings. Put section behind the adjoining property (so you will see the elevation of your building through). Then unlink the section and delete all undesired lines.
Thanks Rob for your tip. I was using the same tehnique for a while as well as the one listed 4-5 years ago with casting shadow onto bright coloured neigbhour and copying and pasting shadow fills without calculating overlapping feels. But as you know how many times does our Council ask for those elevational shadows (I am from Sydney as well). I dream of day when I can draw section/elevation line looking to neigbhour and say: Give me the shadows, please, and from there go get myself cup of coffee instead of deleting extra lines :wink:
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By Rob
I know it is a problem (I have been involved in an argument between a developer and unnamed North Shore council over such diagrams couple years ago). I vote 'essential' however this is a tough one programmerwise. It requires redefining the section/elevation definition as we know it in AC8.1. Anyway it would be fantastic to produce complete facade overshadowing analysis especially when Sydney councils have started to be so hysteric about that issue.
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By stefan
What if you would put a rendered elevation behind the line drawing?
Or do I completely miss the point?
Hi everybody,

I'd like to know whether there are updates regarding this topic. The last post was from 2004...

Does anybody know if there is any way to obtain (easily) the shadows of adjoining properties on elevations?

Many thanks
In that other thread there was a link to a YouTube video which showed an easier way. But for some reason the YouTube video is gone.
Basically consider the following scenario where the higher Walls cast shadows to the Lower Walls. This is how it looks in 3D Axonometry.
You want to create a section line between the two walls facing the lower walls. This way the higher walls will be behind the section line and their cast shadows are not calculated.
SectionShadowsFromWallsBehind.png (14.59 KiB) Viewed 7378 times
What you need to do is create a 3D Parallel Projection from the same direction as the Section.
In the 3D Window Settings you will need to select Vectorial Engine (not OpenGL), select the Shading mode, and turn on Sun Shadows.