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By ares997
I have been using Google Chrome for awhile but noticed when I went to look at the help area I get a blank screen. I can't figure out what could have changed within Chrome or within Archicad. It seems to work with Internet Explore fine, though I am not a fan of that application.

Any suggestions?
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By Erika Epstein
I noticed that today as well.
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By gkmethy
Help uses Java, and a blank screen usually reflects a problem with the Java installation. On MAC Chrome does not support Java at all, on PC it does. So you will never make it work on a Mac (currently), but you should be able to fix it on PC if you re-install/update/downgrade your Java.
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By ares997
file:///C:/Program%20Files/Graphisoft/ArchiCAD%2013/Help/Files/wwhelp/wwhimpl/js/html/wwhelp.htm pasted into Firefox doesn't work either. Is this some change that I could have made? This string only works with Internet Explore....
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By Erika Epstein
I am trying to use AC Help and have been frustrated with Google Chrome not displaying the content.

1. In Chrome, it not clear to me how to enable the java script, see screen shot.

2. Alternatively I uninstalled Chrome and then AC help would open a blank word document. HUH? How can I redirect AC Help to open with the browser of my choice?

google chrome AC Help.jpg
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By Erika Epstein
Hi Gergely,
The screen shot is from a clean install of the latest Google Chrome.

Using "Set Program Access and Defaults" I clicked on the Firefox as my default browser. Started archicad and when I go to the
AC Help
Google Chrome opens up.
Still Empty

the other Help menu items in Archicad help open up in Firefox, always did, it is just the AC Help that opens up Google Chrome.

I can manually right click on the AC Help w here archicad is installed and choose Open with, and get it to open in firefox, but within AC it still opens with Google Chrome.

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By Erika Epstein
I got it!
Going to the installation location I right-clicked on the icon for AC Help and went to properties. There setting the open with to Firefox made the setting work as it used to be.
Ah, what a relief.

Still don't know how to get google chrome working for AC Help, more curious than need to know in case anyone figures it out.
By Peter Devlin
Hello Erika,
I had a somewhat similar problem.
In the help menu, if I selected Archicad help
my default browser, Firefox, would launch
but displayed a blank page and the address field
was empty. I called tech support in Boston and
was told to go into the Archicad folder, reveal
the Help folder, click on the file named
Archicad Help.htm and get info. Change the
"Open with" from Firefox to Safari. This fixed
the problem. When I select Archicad help
in the help menu, Safari launches and displays
the correct page.
Peter Devlin
Picture 2.png