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By dferati
Hi guys,
i have installed Archi13,in a 32bit pc,and i have installed maxwell 2.0.6 ,but the add-on does have no effect,can someone help me please?

The add-on file's name is "Ac2Mxs_Setup_v2.0.6" , does anyone has an other one?

Thank you.
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By Steve Jepson
I am not sure how the add-on is useful anyway. Just save your 3D view as .3ds and open it with Maxwell Studio.

If you do find some use for the add-on I would like to know about it.
I have the add-on, it works fine. But I don't know what good it is.
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By TMA_80

To Dferati
Are you using the INT version of ArchiCAD? if you are using a local version you must copy the add-on folder created by the plugin installation ( normally in the ArchiCAD program folder) to the one of your local version.
( or try to locate the plugin with the plugin manager)
If not,unistall the plugin , try to download the plugin again and install it.

To Steve
While the plugin has some limitations ( previewing mxm texture in the AC viewport, fire engine, )I don't completely agree with you on this Steve:

1-You have a built-in rendering plugin in ArchiCAD, where you could render direclty from AC without having to use another software. ( Unless you want to use the UVmapping in the studio application or to integrate entourage )

2-For the export , the plugin have a more adapted gemotries and materials organistation for maxwell studio. they could be exported either directly from the plugin or with the mxs that you could create using the plugin. ( mxs is the maxwell format)