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By Rich Streufert
We have problems plotting to the KIP 3000. When we plot in black and white the fill patterns plot as solid black. We have the black and white KIP. We do not have the color option. If we try plotting in the gray scale or color mode the plots are very weak. It does not help to increase the pen weights. We have tried adjusting the minimum line weights in the KIP. We have tried changing the plot setups using the various HP models in the setup box. The KIP sales rep does not have any other solution. We use ArchiCAD version 10.
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By Peter Clark
Hi Rich,

I don't have any experience using the 'Plot' feature, but is there a reason why the normal 'Print' function doesn't work with your KIP 3000 printer? It looks like it's just a large laser printer! :D
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By Matthew Lohden
I've never used a KIP plotter, but have seen a similar problem with Océ. There was a setting in the plotter's driver to "print colors as shaded halftones." When this was off white fills printed solid black but with if turned on they would remain white.
By Rich Streufert
We took a look at the setting. There aren't any options in the plotting setups for halftones. In the printing set-ups we can look at half tones. There are quite a few different options and variables. Not sure which one or combination of options will make it happen. We also aren't sure if changing the settings for the print mode will change how the plotting works.

When we plot the 25% shading fill pattern becomes totally black. When we print the 25% shading fill pattern does not print at all.

Will continue to look at the printing options (when printing from ArchiCAD) to see if we can figure it out. The settings within the KIP configuration screen do not show anything which look like they could help with this.
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By Dom Askew
Try sending the drawing using the print command as opposed to the plot command. Print is post script and supports half tones.
By Rich Streufert
It has been a challenge printing decent line weights with either the print command or the plot command. Will see if using the print command will get better results and give us the fill pattern backgrounds we need.