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There will be two more webinars on June 22 and 29:

Registration at:
June 22:

June 29:
A great webinar, clearly demonstrating the new features with good examples and an operator that really knew the new features well. It's got me really excited about the new version - can't wait for the box to arrive!!

...I wish I could say as much about the new features demonstration ("I LOVE BIM" user group) held in Melbourne last night.
Poor presentation, novice operator (the presenters admitted they had only been 'playing' with the software for two days, fresh out of the box!)

If there were any potential new customers/users at this meeting, they would've been scared right off the software, if only because the people re-selling it seemed so inept. This was a PR flop for Graphisoft

Re-sellers should be properly prepared so they're able to demonstrate the new features with skillful ease, as well as being able to field questions about the software. Almost every question was answered with "I'm not sure, can I get back to you on that?" or "Send us an email"
Any Idea if the New Features Webinar will be posted on YouTube?
I can imagine that those webinars will be available on the GS US site:

However, as I see most of these recordings now require an ArchiPlus subscription.
Thanks Laszlo:

Better watch THIS one while it's still "free".

Guess I'll stay up late & watch the next one.