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Modeling and drafting in Archicad. (Example: How can I model a Roof soffit/fascia?)

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By Steve Pring
Can anyone help me please.

I 've been using teamwork successfully on a project for sometime but now want to cary out some changes to evaluate a design change without affecting the main model. I thought that draft files would allow me to do this but how do I incorporate the changes if they are adopted. When I open a draft and try to send changes AC says I'm not signed in but when I use "sign in" I can only sign in to the plp file. Am I missing a trick here?
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By Link
Hey Steve

The prinicple is this:

You sign into a teamwork file and save a draft locally. For example, if the PLP is on the server, you sign into it, and save a draft to your computer's hard drive. Once you have saved the draft, you can copy it, either in the operating system, or within ArchiCAD, using Save As. You are then free to make various design changes in any of the drafts. When you have decided on a final design, you send the changes from that draft back to the main model (the PLP). You will be warned that the draft has a different ID, but consider that a good thing rather than a bad thing and proceed. Once sent you are free to sign out of the project altogether.

I am not sure what happened in your case, maybe someone (the Administrator) forced you out? If you really want your latest information to be included in the main model, you may have to sign again, save a draft, (optionally copy that draft), and copy & paste the information into it, then send the changes back to the PLP.

I hope that helps. I'll be in the UK next month, let me know if you'd like to get together.

By Steve Pring
Hi Link

Thanks for your reply. What you descibe is how I thought it should work except I've been working on the original draft saved from the plp onto local disk ( i only need 1 option to explore).

I guess something is wrong with my setup as I signed in as team leader with exclusive rights before saving the draft then log out and open draft when i am prompted for password. That goes fine and can modify draft but when attempting to send changes sign-in is greyed out as if already signed in but message pops up "You are not currently signed in". No warning about different ID's and I've made sure No one else is working on the project or forcing log out.

I'll try your idea of copy and paste to another draft but this problem occured last time i experimented with draft files (we are new users) and gave up then but would really like to crack this problem.


Hope weather improves here before your visit.
By Steve Pring

Had another go with no success and then tried sharing a different project then created a draft on local disk with same problem. When I open the draft file archicad prompts me for password and accepts the password set up in teamshare but then warns me I'm not logged in to the plp file and need to log - in again to save changes. :(
By tprokop
Logging out breaks the association with the teamwork file. What (I think) Link was suggesting was keeping your loggin active but working with various draft copies then selecting the one with the chosen information to open for a send and receive.

This is my interpretatiion, but please correct me if I am wrong.
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By Link
I guess something is wrong with my setup as I signed in as team leader with exclusive rights before saving the draft ***then log out ***and open draft when i am prompted for password.

You must stay signed into the project! Only log out when you have finished making changes. This is often misunderstood about Teamwork - in fact there is no harm in staying signed for weeks or months at a time. It's the Sending & receiving of information to and from the main model, that matters most. So stay signed in! :wink:

You don't have to copy the draft, if you only have a single design change.

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By TomWaltz
Steve Pring wrote:= as I signed in as team leader with exclusive rights before saving the draft then log out and open draft when i am prompted for password.
There's the problem.

As soon as you sign out, all drafts become invalid. So yes, once you sign out, you are no longer signed into the project, as Archicad states.

You need to use "Open," "Close" and "Save" from the File menu to control which file you are in at the time.
Hey folks,

I have a draft from an old sign-in that I want to send to the main .plp file. It gives me the message that the draft I am working from is from a previous sign-in, and I can't send changes.

I vaguely recall a way of editing the admin or text file to allow me to send updates from a previous draft, but am unable to do it now.