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I have produced the area measurement using Zone Tool and now I have areas to omit. I have try the Ctrl key but not working. How to solve this one?
Sorry if under define.

Basic I would like to use the feature in the red circled in the attachment.

If there are other method, I am happy to listen.

Please be reminded that the file is in AutoCAD drawing which I use ArchiCAD for measurement.
Area Substraction.png
You can draw Fills in Zones and check the "Subtract from Zones" checkbox for those Fills. You can also specify what percent to subtract.
Then you need to update the Zones and the areas reduced by fills will show up in the Zone Dialog.
It's great to learn this.
Now that the quantity problem is solved.
I have another puzzle to ask.
When I clicked the selected zone area. It shows the whole area.
I want to exclude to subtraction area when clicking the selected zone are.
Is there a way to cut out the subtraction directly in the Zone Tool?
You have to select the Zone and switch it to Manual construction method.
Then you can move around and redefine its nodes and when you update the zone its shape will stay and reflect this new geometry.
beautiful sight wrote:If the area is in the middle, I cant get it.
There is an area of a garden in the middle of the building that I like to take out.

With the Zone Tool and Zone selected, using the Manual Construction Method, any closed polygonal shape you draw inside the Zone will be removed, similar to the Roof, Slab or Fill Tools.

beautiful sight wrote:I dont quite get what you mean although I tried many time.
Please give me an example.

In the ArchiCAD help files look at Virtual Building > Construction Elements > Slabs > Placing Holes in Slabs, the same method can be used for Zones.