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By Dale
I recently updated an ongoing large project file (56MB .pln file, ±140K polygons) from AC14 to AC15, in order to take advantage of the new BimX functionality. I had used Cigraph's ArchiTerra 3 (for the first time) fairly heavily on the site mesh with good results.

After moving the project to AC15, I could no longer open the mesh in 3D, just endless beach-balling and an eventual forced quit. Not sure what happened in the transfer. Tried to re-save and import in various ways without success.

After swallowing hard, I spent the better part of the morning re-doing the ArchiTerra 3 site work from scratch in AC15. After completing the work, I noticed the file size had bloated to 260MB. I'm aware of a past AC bug with rapidly growing file size based on library parts being saved in the "binary" mode...not sure if this may be related to that issue.

Any ArchiTerra users out there that have seen this behavior before, or have any ideas on where to turn?

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By Fabrizio Diodati
Hi Dale,

of course I should see your file in order to help you...
Anyway what I can say without doubts is that ArchiTerra doesn't save any object in binary mode.
The tools used to modify the terrain are parametric objects so they are not created but just inserted with the proper parameters setting (so no object creations during the terrain modification).
The only object saved by ArchiTerra (BTW in the embedded library) is the one used to display contour lines and color depth, but in this case is a GDL object (you can open it and verify my words).

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By KeesW
I have a 3D site model generated from a surveyor’s DXF. Site levels are approx. 160 to 166 m above the Australian height datum. That is how survey drawing site levels are presented. Architerra draws the levels and contours correctly at this level. But how can I present the 3D model with a much lower column – say about 2m, such as one can create with the standard Archicad mesh tool? There is too much work in redrawing the contours with lower (but incorrect) levels to create the 3D site model I need.
Architerra column too high.JPG
Column too high. Image drawing a building on Mt Everest!
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By Fabrizio Diodati
Not anymore my job buy glad to help if I can.
Two options, first of all, set a negative value for the skirt thickness.
If this not help (it shouldn't because ArchiTerra should do automatically this) it means that you have some points (maybe one!) in the perimetet with zero level. Move them at the same level of the others and you will fix this issue.