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Hi, first time here...

I have been teaching myself Archicad using a student copy of version 14. I really like the software and would like to keep using it. Unfortunately I have now spent a lot of time creating models which are .pln format created in student version 14.

I would like to be able to open these files on a commercial version of Archicad, and ideally convert them to .dwg. Is it possible to do this?
Grassyard wrote:I would like to be able to open these files on a commercial version of Archicad, and ideally convert them to .dwg. Is it possible to do this?

According to Archicadwiki this should be possible. ... llation%29

The student version is the same as the professional version - so can't you save DWG files directly from it?

I have also tried downloading a trial version of the full Archicad 15. Unfortunately this wouldn't even open my student Archicad 14 model. I know that if I can get the model open in a non-educational version of Archicad then there is the option to save as .dwg. The models are not in any way for commercial use, just ideas for an outhouse in my garden.
Export functionality is the same in the student and professional version.

You can export the 3D saving as 3DS from the 3D window and import it using the 3dsin command in Autocad. Also you can use DXF if all else fails.

You can open a 14EDU file in 15EDU

My guess is that instead of using an EDU version you downloaded a Trial which has expired but this is a guess.
Screen Shot 2011-09-15 at 8.36.51 AM.png
Thanks for the reply.

I definitely have a EDU copy version 14 on my laptop. I used this to create the model only a month ago and the licence has definitely not expired as I only downloaded it a month ago and I can still use it to edit the model.

With this EDU copy version 14, I go to save as and the drop down menu which usually has .dwg and .dxf is a lot shorter than on the full version. I only have options for file formats that are images (pdf, jpg etc) or archicad native formats (such as pln, plp).

I thought I would try downloading a trial version of the the commercial copy of Archicad on a different laptop to see if I could open my model and save it as .dwg. I downloaded version 15 trial copy but unfortunately it would not open my .pln model created on the first laptop.

Any ideas to be able to get my .pln model made on EDU version 14 saved to .dwg would be greatly appreciated.

Your installation is at fault. It might be incomplete.

All our student copies support export of DWG, DXF, 3ds, OBJ, etc...

Do you do a "Save As..." from the file menu?

I usually export to DWG from the Publisher Set, though.